History of The Entertainment 7

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The Entertainment 7 reported today the up and coming arrival of Not Another Celebrity Movie, a clever new comic drama with the greatest “VIP” cast on the littlest creation spending plan at any point recorded! Coordinated and delivered by Emilio Ferrari and exhibited by First Napoleon Productions in relationship with A Plus Entertainment, the film will make its introduction in February 2013 at the Berlin International Film Festival.

Not Another Celebrity Movie adds an interesting turn to the satire sort as the gifted cast depicts the greatest true to life symbols there are: the famous people themselves. Pressed with a ritzy group of big name carbon copies, this satire of Oceans 11 takes after the misinformed jokes of Charlie Sheen as he tries to meet with Justin Bieber, whom he accepts is his ill-conceived child. At the point when his endeavors to reconnect are upset, Sheen connects with the administrations of Brad Pitt, George Clooney, Robert DeNiro, Tom Cruise and seven different big names to execute a plot to grab the pop sensation at an up and coming show at the Riviera Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. The subsequent jokes are, in a word, Winning! Shot on area in Los Angeles and Las Vegas, Not Another Celebrity Movie is an entertainingly unique film featuring more than twenty big name carbon copies in the parts of their lifetimes. Chief and Producer Emilio Ferrari’s past credits incorporate Baby on Board with Heather Graham, Lucky Town with Kirsten Dunst, White-Out, and “Ensnarement.” The film was likewise created and co-composed by Hollywood newcomer Zachary Swerdlow. About Entertainment 7 Entertainment 7 is a completely operational Multinational Media Company, with its primary workplaces in Los Angeles, California and satellite workplaces in London and Rome. Its worldwide operations envelop movie creation and conveyance, TV programming and syndication, home video procurement, operation of its studio office, working with new media innovation and dissemination of taped amusement in more than one hundred domains around the world. About First Napoleon Productions Not Another Celebrity Movie is the debut highlight from First Napoleon Productions.

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